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All the World's a Stage

Final Stage

Final Stage- an AU Multifandom Roleplay
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Final Stage
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."
-William Shakespeare

The Story
Finale is a city run by three Supremacies. Regius, Equus, and Ira oversee Finale and its people. Upon arrival in Finale, men and women are given their role to play in society. It may contradict what they have done in their previous life, or it may aid in what they have yet to accomplish. They may be demoted if they do not act accordingly. New citizens are embedded with a microchip. This microchip monitors their actions as well as providing them with all the rules and laws of the city. There is no escape, not even suicide will save the citizens of Finale. Foods are genetically modified and supplied to the citizens. One forest exists and it is within the confines of the city. Work ends at 5. Between that time and 9 the next morning, the citizens are free to do whatever they please.

The Supremacies monitor citizens’ behavior. Any misconduct (such as refusing to do their assigned job) is prohibited. If such a case arises, the citizen will be taken under supervision until the time of their court hearing. Fear not. Even Finale has its own form of recreational entertainment. Citizens partake in Masquerades hosted by the Clergy. This festival celebrates the patriotism citizens have for the Supremacies of Finale.

Finale is home to two groups of Extremists. The Patriots remain loyal to Supremacy Ira and her wrathful tendencies. They believe that Finale should punish those citizens who have disobeyed the laws- whether they are innocent or guilty- to death. Their wish is to overthrow Regius and start Finale from anew. Supremacy Equus is the complete polar opposite of Ira. He his calm and collective, but his logic is also flawed. He believes even murderers can turn a new leaf. He doesn't think locking someone away -wasting space- is a means of punishment


Characters are taken away from their home by Regius who appears before them in a mirror. Once in Finale, they are defined a role to play in society and must commit themselves wholly to that role. They live where they work and money holds no value. Instead, characters must barter and trade services they provide with one another. Students are given internships while not at school and live in the school dormitories. Children up to six years of age are raised in a day care until they are old enough to go to school.

Will you fail to see the ways of the Supremacies? Will you rebel against Regius? What paths will you chose? The choice is yours and the consequences of your actions are unlimited. Red, Purple, or Blue: Who will you align with?

What Has Happened Thus Far
Final Stage
+Prologue (remainder of March)
+Act One (April)
- Scene I (1st week of April)
+ Characters remember their previous life before their arrival- whether they come here alive or from the dead.
+ This roleplay welcomes any and all ideas, but please keep it realistic. Het, yaoi, yuri are all welcomed here.
+ Characters who have powers, magic, etc. are permitted to use those powers. Please do this in moderation. Don't go frying up city hall or other people with your awesome fire skills.
+ Make this fun. It is suggested that you pick a role for your character that is a polar opposite to the role they had before. Remember, they are forced into these roles and have no choice.
+ Quality over quantity. Here at Final-stage, we take pride in our roleplaying performance. Please limit yourself to a three character maximum.
+ Please remain active. Post a journal entry at least every two weeks. Log at least once a week.
+ You may use AIM, MSN, email, or the threads to roleplay.


+ Introduce yourself and your character at final_stage_ooc. Hiatus posts along with plotting posts are also posted in the OOC community. Wish to interact with an NPC? Request confirmation with a mod or post it in the OOC community. Post logs, letters, first persons, and thread rps at final_stage_log. final_stage is reserved for the NPCs. Events, information, large-scale plots, etc. will be posted here.
+ Character journals are electronic and public. Journal entries can be plugged as private or only to a select group of people. Please use an LJ-cut to indicate this. Keep in mind, the Supremacies may or may not check up on character journals. So, if you want to keep your character in the Supremacies good graces, send a private letter. Also keep in mind that some characters may be skilled hackers.
+ Italics: Character thoughts. Cannot be commented on or seen by others. Can be posted in character entries
+ Strike-outs: Can be seen by skilled hackers. Be wary of your information being seen when you post with strikes.
+ Character death: Characters can be killed. However, they will be brought back by Morticians that have been hired by the Supremacies (hey there's a job role for you). They will also have the same job role as they have before unless you, the mun, want them to have a different one- in which case, you would contact a mod.
+ Keep OOC and IC separate. We love character confrontation, but no OOC drama please.
+ No god-modding

+ Friend add tool. A roleplayers best friend.
+ Taken Characters- List of characters and their affliation.
+ Reserved Characters-Can be reserved for one week.
+ About the Supremacies
+ Tags

+ Forms

Application. Post your Application here.


Mod Contact Info

Mod: Evette (vitalaeon)
Email & MSN: closetoreality@gmail.com
AIM: xsilentxpoetx
Mun of: EQUUS, Misa, & Near
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