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Mar. 5th, 2007 | 06:09 pm
posted by: final_stage_npc in final_stage


Q:Can I change my character's role?
A: Yes. However, you can only change your character's role twice and it must be cleared with the mods first.

Q: Wait. How can you live a world without money?
A: Apparently Marx thought you could and the Supremacies think so too. Equalivent exchange is key. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Q: My character is a student! How are they suppose to make trades?
A: Be creative. Students help out the community and intern for those in the workforce.

Q: And food?
A: Food is genetically modified and is supplied to the residents of Finale regularly. Food is given, not traded.

Q: What about job promotions?
A: Certainly. A promotion is different from a job role change. Be sure to get the okay from your character's superior first :). Let a mod know as well so that we can make the appropriate changes to the taken list.

Q: What's with this dome thing?
A: The city as a whole is enclosed in a large dome. There is only one dome within the city and that is the forest.

Q: What if my character and another character have a conflict. (Applies to IC only)
A: Your character can feel free to rat them out to the Supremacies or deal with it on their own. Remember, there could be consequences for your character's behavior in the eyes of the Supremacies.

Q: What about transportation?
A: The city runs a subway system as well as a bus system. Characters are not allowed cars. They must use public transportation. Public transportation is free.

Q: I have an idea for an event or a large-scale plot. What do I do?
A: Contact a mod or post it in the OOC community. Majority rules.

Q: Do characters have regular access to the internet? Let's say they wanted to..oh..look at porn. Or play some video game or something? Is that possible?

And since they live where they work and what not, do they have their own personal computer or are they just using one that's at the job? -j0ylucky
A: Yes, characters always have access to the internet and their computers are customizable. Of course, the Supremacies can see whatever they do on these machines so try and keep those firewalls handy. They use the computers that are provided by the job they work at.

Have another question? Please contact a mod or comment with your question.

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